First blog post

Welcome to Ventilate!

Is your house Damp?

Do you notice an ongoing musty or mouldy smell in any areas of your home?

Have you found mould growing on your shoes or leather jackets in the back of your cupboard?

Have you got warped or warping floorboards?

Does your house suffer from Condensation?

Do you have trapped heat in your roof space?

We can HELP you!

VENTILATE is a Sydney-based business servicing ALL suburbs of the Sydney Metropolitan and surrounding regions, including out to the Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong area.

Why use us?

We are an Owner-operated business with over twelve years of experience installing home ventilation solution systems into thousands of residential homes across Greater Sydney. With friendly, honest advice and good old customer service, we can successfully improve the quality of air and health of your home, like we’ve done for many satisfied clients who have continued referring us to their friends and family. CALL US NOW on 0412 877 828 and speak to SHAUN.


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