Sub floor Ventilation



Sub floor – the enclosed space (under or adjacent) between the natural ground and your floor level.


Most problems are caused from a poorly ventilated sub floor area. These symptoms present as mould growth, mildew, warped floorboards and termites can be attracted to these spaces.

A damp sub floor is a perfect breeding ground for mould spores.

The spores will naturally evaporate and penetrate into your home, eventually being attracted to a cool, dark area where they will land and grow, which is why you will find mould growing in cupboards and/or behind furniture.

Sub floor ventilation is about creating airflow via passive or the use of a mechanical ventilation system.Passive airflow involves increasing the size of the existing vents, or adding more vents in the walls leading to the sub floor area.

Introducing a mechanical ventilation system will create the airflow to exhaust the damp air that is causing the problem in your home.

We use a ducted in-line system to do this. As air will always balance itself, by drawing out the musty air, the fresh air will be drawn into the sub floor and make this area a drier, healthier space. Consistent air movement in the sub floor will minimize the ability for mould spores to generate and vaporize into your living areas. Any spores that might generate will be expelled out from the sub floor area through use of the fan.