J. PAVLAKIS – Beverly Park, NSW

I was referred to VENTILATE from a relative. The family home had serious mould issues at the front of the house, particularly in the bedrooms where the kids slept which had us extremely concerned. Was not uncommon to see mould in and behind the cupboards, on our clothes and on the walls. I’m happy to say that the mould issues are now a thing of the past! Shaun came and performed a thorough inspection of the house and our living behaviours. The result was the install of a subfloor inline fan with ducting and the placement of larger ventilation grills around the house. Additional to this and just as important, Shaun spent a lot of time educating the wife and myself on the best practices and behaviours to further assist in the prevention of the mould. We found Shaun was very genuine, honest and a true professional. He ensured us that only what was required was installed to fix the problem (even when I was willing to go for more), saving me money to his detriment. I’m happy and even more importantly, the Boss (aka Wife) is happy with the results!